“I Do, I Will”

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” Peter F. Drucker

Is it possible to have a great marriage?

You read about the increasing rate of divorces. You know of friends who are in the midst of divorce. You hear horror stories about marriages. You may even have doubts about whether your own marriage may survive the long haul.

All of us want happiness and fulfillment in the marital relationship with our spouses but may not see the fruits of our labour. It all boils down to the decisions we make.

The decisions you make today will determine the marriage you have tomorrow. The choices you make each day determine the quality of your marriage and the positive legacy you wish to leave behind for your children.

In this workshop, you will gain insights to fail-proof your marriage by having a deeper understanding of the different types and levels of commitment. Through an experienced marriage counsellor of close to 10 years, you will discover the different commitments that will enable both yourself and your spouse to experience a richer, deeper, more authentic relationship; resulting to a more rewarding and passionate love life that you have always wanted!

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“I Do, I Will” Workshop
Date     : 27 April 2019, Saturday
Time    : 1pm to 5pm
Venue : REACH Counselling Centre, 307 Shunfu Road #01-137, Singapore 570307

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Workshops available for booking
Raising Emotionally Healthy Children Workshop

Research shows that children who understand their feelings and learn about their emotions have these advantages:

  1. They form stronger friendships with other children
  2. They calm themselves down more quickly when they get upset
  3. They do better in school
  4. They handle their moods better and have fewer negative emotions
  5. They fall sick less often

Help your child master their emotions and witness your relationship with them grow!




  1. Solution Focused Parenting: Managing Difficult Behaviours / Bad Habits
  2. Parent as a Coach
  3. Love vs. Limit
  4. Relating to Your Teens
  5. Build Positive Self-Esteem
  6. Parenting By Personality – DISC
  7. Dealing with Homework
  8. Raising Highly Emotional Children
  9. Understanding your Child’s Love Language for better parent-child relationship
  10. Working as a Team to Build Strong Families
  11. Braving Through the Teenage Years




  1. Basic Counselling Practice
  2. Reflective Counselling Toolkits for Practicing Counsellors
  3. Why Some Couples Stay in a Bad Marriage and Some out – Is there a solution?
  4. Love vs. Communication
  5. Managing Stress vs. Slipping into Depression
  6. Effect of Marital Relationships on your Child
  7. Best Practices for Mediation
  8. Caring for Aging Parents
  9. Power Struggles & Setting Boundaries
  10. Power Struggles & Setting Boundaries for Children
  11. Journeying with you through Ups and Downs in life

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Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS)
Our role at the BOWS event is to help couples prepare right for their marriage through our talks at the event. We present a wide range of marriage topics that includes Commitment, Marriage Expectations, Conflict Management and Sexual Intimacy.
Our aim is to create awareness for couples to view marriage holistically and not just focus on the wedding day itself. It also offers a taste of what our Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP) is like, how it can cater to their needs and help them be well prepared for marriage ahead.
The next Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS) is happening from 12-13 Oct 2019!
Find out more at

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