Torn Asunder Affair Recovery Programme

The Torn Asunder Affair Recovery Programme is a structured recovery process designed to help couples heal from affairs.

It serves to help couples stabilize their marriage in the initial crisis of affair discovery, provides structure for this emotionally volatile time, and enables them to sort through the particular factors that led them to their infidelity and map out a recovery process for both partners.

The programme addresses 3 different types of infidelity:

  • Sexual
  • Visual (e.g. Pornography)
  • Emotional

All of our counsellors are certified facilitators of The Torn Asunder Affair Recovery Programme. We are committed to supporting and helping you through this process to the best of our efforts and expertise.


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Confidentiality Assured
Your identity and information shared are strictly confidential and will not be revealed to any external parties without your permission.
However, if the situation involves threats to yourself, others and properties, criminal acts or intentions, we are liable to disclose the information to the relevant authorities.