Group Work

Parenting Power!

  • Parenting Power! is a parenting workshop to help parents better relate to their children and fine tune their parenting styles.
  • 6 Parenting Support Group sessions are held
  • Topics covered include:
    • Being Supportive Parents – Seeing From My Child’s Perspective
    • Marital Issues Affect Parenting
    • Understanding At-Risk Behaviours in Youths. Etc.
  • Sessions facilitated by
    • Volunteers with school counselling background
    • TOUCH Cyber Wellness
    • REACH FSC Staff
  • Sessions encouraged participants to:
    • Reflect on their parenting styles
    • Learn how to better understand and relate with their children


REACH Women Therapeutic Group

“Super Women Club” is an exclusive all-women group, empowering women in their various roles. Participants provide friendship, emotional support and encouragement for one another during the 8 sessions.


Financial Literacy Support Group  (FLP)

FLP was conducted to:

  • Help low-income families cultivate a regular saving habit through positive incentives
  • Strengthen family bonds through achieving set financial goals together
  • Expand social support network through psychoeducation and a support group component

Topics covered by financial experts include:

goal setting basic budgeting money management reflection
manage financial needs expectation credit and debt management dangers of loan sharks tracking success