REACH Charity Golf 2022

Dear Friends of REACH Community Services,

After a year on hiatus, we are back with REACH Charity Golf 2022.



It goes without saying that living with the pandemic for the past two years has changed the way we have lived. Some have been making it through unscathed, while others have not been able to cope with the disruptions. The latter experience has been especially felt by our senior population.



With the increased risks due to old age and health conditions, keeping our seniors safe also meant that it became increasingly difficult to keep seniors socially engaged due to safe management measures. Nonetheless, we kept the seniors in our community well engaged by adapting our progammes to serve their needs no matter the situation.



We converted our signature Community Café programme into the Community Dabao programme, allowing seniors to ‘dabao’ fresh meals and socialise with our staff and other seniors while waiting for their food to be ready. We introduced tele-befriending programme where staff / volunteers continued to stay in touch with our seniors remotely. We also conducted several digital clinics to strengthen digital literacy and access among our seniors through one-on-one coaching. We have also pivoted our active aging programmes to include online sessions such as Ukulele, Art and Crafts and Culinary classes so that our seniors are still engaged even when at home. The list goes on.



Through these programmes and their adaptations, we continue to engage our seniors to live active and fulfilling lives by meeting their physical and socio-emotional needs.



We hope to raise sufficient funds through our REACH Charity Golf 2022 to support the work that we do – helping seniors to age gracefully and enjoy the golden years of their lives. All proceeds from the sales of golf flights, sponsorships and donations are eligible for 250% tax deductions.



Thank you for believing in our social mission to serve the Least, the Lost and the Lonely in our community.



If you are interested in purchasing golf flights, sponsorships or donations, please contact Mr Alvin Teo at alvin.teo@reach.org.sg
You can also make a donation via our donation form available here: https://www.reach.org.sg/donate-form/