REACH Charity Golf 2020

Dear Friends of REACH Community Services,

We are in the season of disruption and uncertainty. No one saw it coming; that the COVID-19 outbreak would have turned the nation topsy-turvy.



In this troubled time where Society is in turmoil, the Social Service is on over-drive mode reaching out to people in need. Despite so, donations and sponsorships have hit critical low with the prohibition to host fundraising events as per pre-COVID-19 days. This poses extreme difficulties for REACH Community Services Society (RCSS) to raise our much-needed funds to support our essential services, especially services for a specific group- the vulnerable seniors.



According to Ministry of Health (MOH), seniors are at higher risk of developing serious health complications if infected with COVID-19. 95% of all COVID-19 deaths here in Singapore are seniors aged 60 and above*. As a result, while facing the fear of contacting the deadly virus, seniors are also facing social recession as they sink deeper into isolation with the closure of Senior Activity Centres (SAC) and the prosecution of physical contact outside immediate household during the Circuit Breaker (CB) period. Born in the non-digital era, majority of seniors are not tech-savvy which deters them from getting connected to their community and family members outside their households. This lack of social interaction and physical activity have negatively impacted the mental and physical health of elderly population. The most vulnerable group yet also became the most disadvantaged.



While the nation has since progressed to Phase 2, the restricted operation of the SACs means only a fraction of seniors could be relieved of their heightened isolation.



RCSS constantly innovates new ways to engage and connect as well as checking in on our vulnerable seniors regularly. With physical contact prohibited during the CB, REACH Senior Service (RS) brought its activities and engagements online by launching her Facebook page. Despite conducting smart gadgets classes regularly last year, one regret we have though is the failure to get more seniors on-boarded on digital platforms prior to the CB. Now in Phase 2, we have windows to interact with small groups of them. One of the plans in the pipeline is to get them onboarded digitally, so that they can avoid going through the pain of social isolation again.



REACH Charity Golf 2020 aims to raise funds to support the existing work of our Senior Service. Your contributions will help to impact numerous lives.



Without funding, we would not be able to help seniors like Mdm Toh (refer to original letter) in her physical and emotional needs. Although most activities are brought online, we need resources for such to happen. Without funding, these online activities would not be made possible.



RCSS is hard-pressed to execute REACH Charity Golf 2020 in a whole new way. The Charity Golf however will carry on with a different format: Golfers to play at their own preferred timing. We believe this arrangement will allow you, our esteemed sponsor, to enjoy the golf game safely, adhering to the health advisory guidelines of COVID-19.



To commemorate Singapore oldest golf club, REACH Charity golf 2020 will be held at Keppel Club as a finale of the century-old club before it bids goodbye in end 2021. We hope you will enjoy playing for a social cause at this historical site.



The dollar-to-dollar matching grant will enable your contributions to be multiplied twofold. For instance, your $1,200 contribution is equivalent to $2,400 contribution to REACH Senior Service. Proceeds from sales of golf vouchers and direct donations are eligible for 250% tax deductions on the donated amount. 



To sign up, please email to alvin.teo@reach.org.sg 



Thank you for believing in our social mission.




Warm Regards



Ho Siew Cheong


Chief Executive, REACH Community Services




Refer to original letter HERE