REACH E-Flag Day 2021

Dear Friends of REACH Community Services,

In years gone by, REACH Community Services has always held an annual Flag Day. Armed with donation tins and friendly smiles, waves of volunteers would walk the streets to garner donations, in large sums or change in their pockets, from the generous public. 



Last year, our tradition was scuppered by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing all of our fundraising effort to move into the relatively new space of online fundraising. Thankfully, digitalisation has offered us new opportunities to volunteer, fundraise, and donate – all with the devices that fit right inside their pocket. 



This year, we’re bringing back the essence of Flag Day – the spirit of community – empowering volunteers and the public to be virtual tin bearers for REACH’s E-Flag Day 2021 A Pocketful of Hope! Harnessing the power of digital technology right in our pockets, the community can represent REACH as virtual tin bearers and help to spread a Pocketful of Hope on their social networks so more funds can be raised to bless the Least, the Lost and the Lonely in our community. 



You can make a donation via our Donation Page or visit bit.ly/reachflag to sign-up to be a Virtual Tin Bearer.