Dear Friends of REACH Community Services,

It’s been just over a year since COVID-19 hit our shores. In the process, drastically changing the way we live. The traditional ways in which we learn, work, live, and even love, have been so quickly upended. Even with the vaccination roll out in the country, we seem to be stuck in a “new normal” limbo.

Masks have become the defining icon of the pandemic, being an ever present tool to protect our society from the spread of the virus. But within the sea of masked faces, the mental health of Singaporeans has been bearing the brunt of the rapidly changing times. New modes of learning cause stress to students; anxieties over finding employment weigh heavy on fresh graduates; work-from-home arrangements continue to blur the lines between work and home spaces; and diminished social interactions take a toll on emotional well-being and relationships. 

While we keep our masks on to protect our society and loved ones, we don’t have to mask the stigma of mental health. According to a National Council of Social Service study on mental health, 7 out of 10 respondents believed that persons with mental health conditions experience stigma and discrimination in their daily lives. The stigma on mental health in Singapore is a real threat to those wanting to seek help. This problem is compounded by the unaffordability of mental health treatment, making it even tougher for those in difficult financial situations to seek help.

#UnmaskTheStigma is a campaign that aims to raise funds to support those in need of mental health support, while also raising mental health awareness in Singapore.

You can do your part to provide mental health support to those in need by donating, as REACH Community Services aims to provide counselling and support to The Least, The Lost, and The Lonely. Your contribution help to fund counselling sessions for those who may be unable to afford them.

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