REACH Counselling

REACH Counselling provides individual, couple and family counselling services, with a particular focus on marital and family work.

Our passion is found in building enduring marriages and resilient families in our community.

We lay the foundation for an enduring marriage through our Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP). The programme helps couples to see beyond the wedding, and prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for their life together as husband and wife.

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Marrying for the First Time
Re-marrying Couples
Minor Couples (for those aged 18-21years)

Join us today to start right and stay strong in marriage.

In our counselling services, clients are heard, held and healed through the process of therapy. 
Here, counselling is more than just problem resolution but it is also a journey towards authenticity and intimacy.

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  • 提供咨询,辅导及解决问题方案
  • 促进夫妻相处之道, 巩固彼此的婚姻


  • 个人,婚姻及家庭辅导
  • 一,二,三或六?婚姻预备课程
  • 一对一,婚姻专人指导课程
  • 婚姻专一感情增进课程