Marriage Preparation Programme

One, Two, Three or Six?                           

A REACH Counselling Marriage Preparation Programme                                 

"Marriage is when two come together to become one"... What does that really mean?

When does a marriage involve 3 people, or even 6 people? 

What is the secret to a successful, lifelong marriage?

The 'One, Two, Three or Six?' Marriage Preparation Programme explores the above questions and more, with intending-to-marry couples who are seeking to build successful marriage beyond the wedding ceremony. 


For all Couples

1.   Before saying "I Do"     What is Marriage?  
2.   Great Expectations     Roles & Expectations  
3.   Understanding Self & Partner      Personality profiling & Family-of-Origin   
4.   In-laws & Bye-Laws?      Relating to in-laws   
5.   Love in Different Languages     Couple Communication   
6.   Opposites Attract, Then Attack      Conflict Management   
7.   Galloping in the Dark     Sexual Intimacy & Family Planning 
8.   $$$ Not Enough     Financial Management   

For Transnational Couples

Additional topic:

  Home Away from Home                   Cross-cultural adaptation

For Re-marrying Couples

Additional topics:

   Leaving the Old, Living the New     Impact of Past Relationships   

   Yours, Mine, Ours   Blended Families & Step-Parenting  


Individual Session     

Duration: 4 weekly sessions of 2 hours each
Venue: REACH Counselling Centre
Dates: To be mutually agreed between Couple & Counsellor

Group Session


2 weekly sessions of 5 - 6 hours each (Saturdays)

Venue: REACH Counselling Centre
Dates: Latest dates available on registration page/brochure

11 & 18 March 2017

8 & 15 July 2017

11 & 18 Nov 2017

You may download a copy of our brochure HERE.
MSF Rebate Available for Individual or Group Programmes.

For enquiries, please call 6801 0730 or email
If you prefer to fax your registration to us, please download our registration form and fax to 6252 2445.