REACH Youth has always believed in young people and their potential to achieve great things for themselves and for society. We hold fast to this belief even for youths-at-risk whose lives might seem chaotic and hopeless at times.

It is in this spirit that we continue our partnership with the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF) through youth services such as Enhanced Step-Up Programme (ESU) and Streetwise Programme (SWP). We also engage youths through Project Guiding Light, an initiative of the Singapore Police Division 'E'. REACH Dragons and REACH United, our own dragon boating and football sports programmes, serve as alternative intervention programmes that engage youths during their developmental years.

Our decision to narrow the focus of our youth services on youths-at-risk and youth offenders back in 2003 has borne fruit. We have seen lives transformed over the years and are proud of our youths' success stories. Check out their testimonials here.

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