Affair-Proof Your Marriage

  How to safeguard your marriage from infidelity

What can you do to prevent yourself from falling into infidelity? What are the danger signs to spot in your partner's behaviour before an affair happens? If your marriage has already experienced the damage of an affair, can you save the marriage?

All these questions were answered--and more--by renowned American marriage counsellor, Dave Carder, and Head of REACH Counselling, Mrs Chang-Goh Song Eng on Mediacorp Radio 938LIVE's programme, 'Between Us' with host, Angela Lim.

Dave Carder is the bestselling author and programme founder of 'Torn Asunder: Recovering from an Extramarital Affair', a 90-day programme that enables couples to stabilize after an affair and begin the healing process. He was recently in Singapore to conduct a 2-day seminar on Torn Asunder organised by REACH Counselling for social workers and counselling professionals.

Click on the link below to listen to the full episode of 938LIVE's 'Between Us' feature on the issue of infidelity: