REACH Bursary 2016

On 16 January, 128 students received the first disbursement of the bursary award of $180 and $250 for the primary and secondary school category respectively.

bursary students  

REACH Bursary Award is unique in that awards are handed out to needy recipients not based on academic merits but on their potential and willingness to make an improvement.

This programme is made possible through the generous donation of our sponsors Grace Assembly of God, Joshua Research Consultants and Credit Bureau Singapore.

A recipient, Ilyas, expressed great excitement about the mentoring programme that follows the bursary award. He looks forward to participate in the meaningful and engaging activities. He says that even though this is a year-long commitment, it is worth it because he believes it will improve his studies, learn new skills and experience many new things.

You can play a part in this mentoring programme to touch 128 young lives. For more information, email