Talking Point: The Good Wife

REACH Counselling invited to Talking Point: The Vote on "The Good Wife"

REACH Counselling was invited to “Talking Point: The Vote”, Channel News Asia’s LIVE one-hour talk show, on 19 June 2012 for their discussion on infidelity in Singapore.

Entitled “The Good Wife”, this edition of Talking Point: The Vote discussed the hot question of the day: Why have many wives decided to stand by their men in recent high profile sex scandals in Singapore—despite 

Other pertinent questions asked in the show included: What are some counselling options available to a couple facing the problem of infidelity? Why is it that more marriages are ending in divorce because of infidelity; is it an upward trend? Is divorce the only option to take after infidelity?charges of their infidelity?

All these questions, and more, were discussed LIVE with Chang Song Eng, Head of REACH Counselling.
Watch the full programme here.