FAQ on REACH Community Services Society


1. What is RCSS and what do you do?

REACH Community Services Society (RCSS) is a charitable organisation that was founded by Grace Assembly of God Singapore in 1998 to fulfil the vision of Touching Heart and Reaching Lives through the love of God. RCSS is an approved Institution of Public Character (IPC: IPC000196) and a full member of the National Council of Social Service.

We strive to inspire hope and empower change in families, couples and at-risk youths whom we help. We seek to:

  • Share God's love by reaching out to others at their points of anxiety, pain and difficulty
  • Strengthen families through financial assistance, casework and counselling
  • Build enduring marriages through marriage preparation and marital counselling
  • Empower youths-at-risk through counselling and youth activities      

Is REACH an acronym? What does it stand for?

Yes. It stands for Reaching Earnestly As Centre Helps.

Who are the beneficiaries served through RCSS?

  • Children from low-income families
  • Youths-at-risk who struggle with delinquency, dropping/dropped out of school, and gang-related offences
  • Families with financial & socio-emotional challenges
  • Couples in dire circumstances of separation/divorce/extramarital affairs

Is RCSS related to REACH.gov.sg— the Singapore government’s feedback unit?

No, we are separate from the government’s feedback unit.

We are a charity approved as an Institution of Public Character (IPC: IPC000196) and a full member of the National Council of Social Service.

How many offices/branches does RCCS have?

Currently, all our service units are located at REACH Family Service Centre in Bishan.

By 2014, RCSS premises will expand to include a counselling centre in Shunfu estate and a social services centre in Bukit Batok.

How is RCSS organized?

RCSS is overseen by an independent, elected Management Committee (MC) from within Grace Assembly of God Singapore. The MC maintains a close relationship with the work of RCSS, ensuring good governance and establishing best practices. The MC is also assisted by independent sub-committees in the areas of Finance, Audit, Human Resources, Fundraising and Strategic & Programme Planning.

The staff team of RCSS is headed by an Executive Director who oversees Heads of Department from each service unit within the organisation.


1. How is RCSS funded?

RCSS depends mostly on public donations to keep our services running. The REACH Bursary Programme, REACH Counselling and REACH Youth services would not exist without the generosity of corporate and individual donors. REACH Family Service Centre is funded by Ministry of Social and Family Development, ToteBoard & ComChest.

2. How does Grace Assembly of God Singapore support RCSS as its social arm?

We are grateful for the support that Grace AG has given to RCSS since the Society was established in 1998. The church continues to provide RCSS with 5% of its total annual revenue.

3. How does RCSS use the funds it receives?

Funding and donations are channelled to our programmes and social services for beneficiaries. They also support our operating costs to help us continue doing what we do. For more information about our services log on to www.reach.org.sg

4. Where can I access RCSS key financial information and statistics?

You can find all past and current financial information and statistics in our RCSS annual reports which are available at our website: www.reach.org.sg


1. Which service units within RCSS depend solely on public funding?

REACH Counselling and REACH Youth are entirely dependent on the generosity of individual and corporate supporters. Without them, our marital preparation and counselling services for couples would not exist; the same goes for the sports and enrichment programmes we do for youths-at-risk. Please continue to support us so that we can continue working with these beneficiaries.

2. Will I enjoy any tax benefits when donating to RCSS?

Yes. You will receive a tax deduction of 2.5 times the amount of donation made as long as you provide your Name and NRIC/FIN/UEN number at the point of transaction.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes, you can.  However, your donation will not be eligible for tax exemption.

4. How can I make a donation to RCSS with my credit card?

Visit www.reach.org.sg/support and make your contribution through online payment by VISA or Mastercard. After completing the online form on this page you will be directed to a secure 3rd party payment site which will process your credit card transaction.

5. How can I set up a regular giving plan with RCSS?

You can arrange to give a regular donation to RCSS by completing our GIRO contribution form. Please state your preferred mode of payment (bank GIRO or recurring credit card payment) in the form.


1. How can I get involved and help RCSS?

You can register as a volunteer with RCSS here.

What does it take to be an RCSS volunteer?

In a word—Commitment. We need people who will faithfully commit to serving our beneficiaries on a regular basis.

Time commitment will vary depending on the service unit you are volunteering with. Sometimes, your help might only be needed on an adhoc basis. In other cases, you might need to be able to commit your Saturday mornings to volunteering with us for the whole year. For more information on volunteering opportunities and skills required, please email contact@reach.org.sg or call us at 6252 2566.

Please note that shortlisted candidates will be interviewed as part of our volunteer screening process. All new volunteers must attend volunteer training. 

What are the benefits of volunteering with RCSS?

Volunteering with RCSS means you can expect to have a direct, positive and meaningful impact on your community. In the process, there are numerous personal benefits such as:

Being a channel for God’s blessing to others

  • Learning or developing a new skill
  • Boosting your career options
  • Becoming more integrated with your local community
  • Enjoying new experiences through hands-on work alongside likeminded others
  • Receiving recognition for your efforts to the community