Marriage Enrichment Programme by REACH Counselling Service

What is The Marriage Enrichment Programme?

Who is it for?

The Marriage Enrichment Programme@REACH is for couples who are married and are exploring ways to enhance their marriage. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the couples to reconnect on a deeper emotional level.

The course is based on proven principles designed for all couples to learn what he or she needs to do to make their marriage better. As a result, each couple leaves the weekend with a whole tool box full of tools that can lift them to a higher level.


What can I expect?

Our team of counsellors will facilitate a short presentation coupled with hands-on experiential sessions to reinforce the learning. So, expect a warm atmosphere, laughter, media clips, real-life examples and thought-provoking ideas for you to share as a couple. Also, be rest assured that you will not be asked to share anything personal within a group setting; you will discuss each topic privately as a couple.  The weekend is all about giving you space to grow together.


What would you explore?

Whatever state your marriage is in now; it can be even better! Those who come feeling great about their marriage; will go home with desire and tools to make it even greater. For those whose marriage may be struggling, it truly is a lifesaver.

Areas covered include:

Foundation of Love  – Marital foundation and drift

Communicating Love  – Marital Dance

Broken Love – How to rebuild trust?

Intimate Love – Intimacy

Love Always – Creating Shared Meaning


Take this opportunity to truly enrich your marriage and bring it intentionally towards a more fulfilling level!

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