National Mentoring Summit 2019




About the Singapore Mentoring Alliance:

The Singapore Mentoring Alliance is a ground up initiative rallied around the cause of mentoring in Singapore. The Alliance now consists of 11 youth agencies who will participate in developing a standardized mentoring programme framework. The Alliance provides unique and structured opportunities for participating agencies to put in their strengths and vast experiences in youth mentoring.

As participating agencies, the Alliance interacts through a regular work group meeting and Communities of Practice (CoP). The CoP aims to get the involvement of more like-minded youth agencies with a common passion, interest and knowledge in youth mentoring programmes

The Alliance currently has also rallied together 9 youth agencies to run a 1-year mentoring programme that follows a common programme framework that looks at youths with low to high risk needs.

About the National Mentoring Summit 2019:

This Summit is a part of a national mentoring movement, and is a ground-up initiative by the Singapore Mentoring Alliance, to promote and instill mentoring into our culture nationally.  The Summit is done with the support from the Government and Community Stakeholders. In addition, Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth & Trade and Industry, has agreed to grace the occasion and lend the Summit her support as Guest of Honour.


For the Summit, the goals are:


  1. To officially re-launch the National Mentoring Movement in Singapore together with the various stakeholders.
  2. To share and build networks starting with the Mentoring Alliance platform and to recruit more agencies and stakeholders to come on board.
  3. To bring together agencies who are like – minded and share best practices with each other to improve the standards of practice together as a whole through the sharing sessions and showcasing of the Alliance agencies’ mentoring works thus far.


Intended participants:

Anyone who is interested in mentoring.


About the Keynote Speakers:


  1. Mr Jason Wong:

A Colombo Plan Scholar, Mr Jason Wong spent over 23 years in the Singapore Civil Service, having held positions such as the Deputy Director cum Chief of Staff of the Prisons Service, Chief Executive Officer of SCORE (Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises), and Senior Director working with at-risk children and youth at the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Jason founded the Yellow Ribbon Project in 2004 and the Dads for Life movement in 2009. Since leaving public service in 2013, he has been volunteering as Board Chairman, Focus on the Family and a Board Director at Centre for Fathering.  He had sat on COMPASS (MOE Council) for 2 terms and is currently sitting on ACCORD (MINDEF Council).

Over the years, he had mentored many ex-prisoners, fathers, and young people. Jason is married with two children.”


  1. Tony Lore:

He has been called “Mentor to the Mentors” and is currently the CEO and founder of Youth Mentoring Connection (YMC), a youth service organisation that brings caring adults into the lives of “at-risk” youths in the Los Angeles area, serving over 600 youths each year. To date, since November 2000, YMC has served over 6000 youths.

Once a successful businessman, Tony found his passion in working with young people; sold his business and now spends all of his time and energy dedicated to connecting youths with mentors in their communities. He has conducted Rites of Passage, Healing Circles and various speciality offerings such as surfing and film making.

Tony’s approach blends “old wisdom” and practices with modern youth development theory to create robust structured programmes that keep mentors and mentees coming back for each other, turning even the most troubled youths’ lives around.

His methods are being replicated all over the world, with agencies from Singapore, China, Jamaica, Africa and Peru studying and applying his methodology.



Metropolitan YMCA Singapore, 60 Stevens Road, Singapore 257854


Payment method:

Participants will be contacted once registration is done and payment details will be shared.

Payment is to be made before attendance for the Summit will be confirmed. Please note that all payment is to be made before 25th January 2019 (day of the Summit).

In the event that a participant has paid for the Summit but is unable to attend, there will not be any refund of the fees. However, a replacement for the Summit is allowed.


Other useful information:

The nearest mosques are:

  1. Masjid Ba’alwi, Singapore, located at 2 Lewis Road, Singapore 258590
  2. Masjid Al-Falah, Singapore, located at 20 Bideford Road, Singapore 229921

Both mosques are 3 minutes’ walk away from Metropolitan YMCA.




If there are further enquiries about the Summit, you are welcome to write to

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