REACH Flag Day 2017 – We need volunteers!

flag day 2017

REACH Flag Day 2017 – Volunteer to help the needy

REACH Community Services Society is a charitable organization that serves the needy in the community.

We are raising funds in this Flag Day to help :

 The Least  Low income and needy families
 The Lost  At-risk youths who lost their direction in life

Distressed couples who lost trust in relationships

 The Lonely  Lonely and vulnerable seniors


REACH Flag Day 2017 details:

 Date  2 December 2017 (Saturday)
 Time  AM shift (9am to 1pm), PM shift (1pm to 5pm)


Register here! If you are unable to make it as a volunteer, you may choose to Adopt-a-Tin!

Hear from Aravin, an ex-youth offender who decided to turn over a new leaf after joining REACH Fitness Programme!

This year, we will be trying out new technology that will make the event more efficient and interesting!

Project TinTin: A QR code system to issue and return tin cans.

EZ-Link card donation deduction: Support government’s initiative towards a cashless payment vision.