Care Circle

Providing care to an older person, especially to loved ones with dementia, depression or other progressive degenerative diseases, is often an arduous activity due to the resources required and the nature of tasks involved in caregiving.

Many caregivers are often ill-prepared with little support, and with little understanding or recognition of the difficulties they undergo in their caregiving journey. This often has a negative impact on the caregiver’s long-term health and mental wellness.

To address this need, Silver Station @ Bukit Gombak Vista is organising a Care Circle, to help caregivers of loved ones with dementia or depression to be better prepared at the earlier stage, to find more adaptive ways of coping when the going gets tough and to facilitate self-care.

We are looking for caregivers who can benefit from joining us, and learn that they are not alone in this journey.
We also welcome all who administer care in some form to loved ones suffering from dementia and depression, or are supporting relatives in a similar situation and want to know more.

Our Care Circle runs on Saturday mornings on monthly basis.  Elder-sitting service for seniors with mild to moderate dementia and depressive symptoms is available to free up caregivers to attend the support group.

Sign up and be empowered.

Care Circle
Date     : 17 October 2020, Saturday onwards
Time    : Refer to Programme Schedule
Venue : REACH Senior Centre@Bukit Gombak Vista, Block 377A Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-24 Singapore 651377

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Silver Station @ Bukit Gombak Vista (SS@BGV)

What is the Silver Station @ Bukit Gombak Vista?
SS@BGV is a programme operating out of REACH Senior Centre @ Bukit Gombak Vista (SAC@BGV). It was developed and positioned as a one-stop resource centre in the local community to drive Dementia-Friendly Community (DFC) efforts. SS@BGV shall be responsible for conducting outreach to increase awareness of dementia and dementia prevention in the local community. It also promotes early detection and quick response to persons with dementia and provides dementia-related resources, information and service linkages.
This service model aims to ensure sustainability of the DFC initiative at the local level with the SS@BGV playing an anchor role in engaging community partners to further develop the DFC.

SS@BGV will be serving the residents in Hong Kah North and Bukit Gombak.

Silver Station has 5 main objectives:
(a)     Increase community awareness of dementia and dementia prevention
(b)     Promote early detection of persons with dementia
(c)     Mobilise and train a pool of volunteers with necessary skills and resources to provide support to persons with dementia and their caregivers
(d)     Provide dementia related information, resources, service linkages and follow-up and
(e)     Engage community partners within the DFC and provide facilitation in the development of dementia friendly initiatives

Contact Us!
Joyce will be the contact point should there be any referrals or enquiries for SS@BGV.
You can reach her at, or alternatively contact her at 6801 0722.

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Community Outreach and Befriending

The Community Befriending Programme, funded by C3A, started in June 2016 and we get referrals from various agencies like the Pioneer Generation Office, Residents Committee and other VWOs in the community. The aim of the Befriending programme is to identify seniors who are vulnerable to social isolation.

Once identified, our befrienders will be assigned to make weekly visits to befriend the seniors and encourage them to participate in the senior activities available in the community. For those who have mobility issues, the befrienders engage them in their homes. Trainings are provided throughout the year to equip the befrienders with the necessary skills to interact with and help assess the needs of the seniors.

The senior outreach programme is to walk the blocks in the community to help identify seniors who will benefit from the senior activities organized by REACH Senior Service or the Community Befriending programme.