From Ex-offender to Aspiring Social Worker: Story of Karen

The first female youth ex-offender to attend the REACH Aftercare Education/Career Group Coaching programme, Karen (not real name) was though evidently uncomfortable initially, warmed up to one of the co-facilitators quickly and opened up about her difficulties in finding a job of her preference…

The Sky is the Limit: Story of Stephen

In June 2016, Stephen suffered a severe cough due to viral infection. Even with prescribed medication he was unable to recuperate fully, hence his wife decided to resign from her job to look after him full-time. The situation had left Stephen feeling extremely depressed and even suicidal – until he chanced upon Senior Service at REACH Powerhouse.

Rebounding from Family Violence: Story of Lynn

Lynn a foreigner, took a leap of faith in coming to Singapore to build a family with her Singaporean husband. The couple have 2 lovely children together and had a blissful marriage initially until family violence took place.

Rising Above Financial Debt: Story of Ms Ang

With just enough to spend each month, Ms Ang, a single mother wanted to improve the family situation at home. Upon hearing that investing in Scheme X would bring her to riches, she rushed to borrow money from friends. The investment scheme apparently was bogus and Ms Ang had to resort to borrowing from both licensed and non-licensed money lenders to settle her debts. As the pressure from these sources led her to panic, she soon turned to immoral means to cope with her outstanding payments.

Siti Salmah found a hobby, made many new friends and even picked up the English Language at our Senior Centre. Read her story!

Drug thug turned role model - Zul
Marriage is forever - Couple counselling

The couple, early 30s, married for 5 years, was referred by Syariah Court for Mandatory Counselling Programme as part of requirements for divorce.

Though they have divorced under the Islamic law, they plan to re-marry and have a mini honeymoon. They are also coming back for more counselling sessions and work on strengthening their marriage.

Learning Resilience Through Futbol: Story of Haziq

Haziq, a beneficiary of REACH Youth Service, was 15 when he first joined REACH Futbol in 2014. Under the mentorship of REACH Youth Service staff, he learnt to assume more responsibilities over the years. He eventually realized his potential and became a team leader.