Learning Resilience Through Futbol: Story of Haziq
Learning Resilience Through Futbol: Story of Haziq

Haziq, a beneficiary of REACH Youth Service, was 15 when he first joined REACH Futbol in 2014. Under the mentorship of REACH Youth Service staff, Coach Derek, he learnt to assume more responsibilities over the years. He eventually realized his potential and became a team leader.

Beyond the technicalities of the sport, Coach Derek trains Haziq and his teammates to stay focused and resilient under every circumstance.

“The greatest values I take away from my years in REACH Futbol is perseverance and patience. And that is the right attitude to have on and off the pitch, regardless whether we win or lose.”, said Haziq.

“If the team was winning, we withheld our celebrations until the match was officially over since we have to stay focused and win the game well,” Haziq adds, “If our team was losing, my team and I will keep our cool and continue to give our best so that the opponents work hard for their win.”

It was such values that Haziq held on to when life gets tough for him.

Life off the pitch was not always smooth sailing for Haziq as his father had passed away, leaving him and his two older siblings under the care of their mother. The family struggled financially as the household no longer had a source of income.

Apart from that, the single-parent family were in debt and had to shift from place to place living in rental flats. Haziq grew up in such disruptive circumstances and felt like giving up multiple times, but he would always choose to give his best at the end of the day, very much like when he was on the pitch.

Through all these, Haziq showed remarkable resilience and said that he rather work out a solution to help the family than to complain about it. Therefore, during the school holidays, he will take on a few part-time jobs and the money earned will be used for his school fees and living expenses. Haziq is now in his second year of study in ITE College Central. He also works part time to support his family.

Despite all the challenges in life, Haziq translates the values he learned on pitch into his daily life, allowing him to face difficulties with perseverance and patience. He aspires for the day where he can provide for his own family, giving them a stable and comfortable nest by working hard for the future and securing a decent qualification in school.