Drug thug turned role model - Zul
Drug thug turned role model - Zul

Caught for the consumption of Ice at the tender age of 18; Zul, who had a prior record of petty theft and multiple disciplinary issues in school, was then referred by the Central Narcotic Board (CNB) to us through the Youth Enhances Supervisions (YES Programme).

Before the programme, Zul had tried to change for the better due to having to repeat Secondary 2 twice. However, the bad influence from his peers caused him to regress and start experimenting with drugs. Nevertheless, through guidance and intervention from our counsellors, Zul was able to reflect on his actions and re-evaluate his life goals.

Eventually, with the full support of his mother, girlfriend and caseworker, he decided to take ownership and be more accountable for his own life. He then channelled his energy into studying hard and doing well his ‘N’ Levels, while also deciding to stay home and spend more time guiding his younger sister in her studies as he knew that she viewed him as a role model.

Due to his efforts, Zul is now enrolled in the course of his choice in ITE and is working towards being able to take care of his family and live a good life.